Monday, July 25, 2011

Ahtna Facility Services Laying Off 434 Staff in Texas

Ahtna Facility Services, Inc., will lay off 434 employees from the Brooke Army Medical Center in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, effective on Aug. 31, 2011, due to an expiring contract. The Company provides housekeeping, collection and distribution of linens, solid-waste and recycled material collection and window cleaning and other support services at the medical center.

Ahtna Facility Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ahtna, Incorporated, provide comprehensive services across all facilities management functions.  The Company provides medical support services, security management services, professional management services, information technology and communications, and environmental engineering and construction services.

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  1. Technically this post is incorrect and incomplete, see
    "But those workers, represented by the Laborers' International Union of North America, are not in jeopardy of losing their jobs. Under the terms of a collective-bargaining agreement, the company that wins the contract simply will take over as the workers' new employer.